People Pulling Together

We are a coalition of concerned citizens partnering with the San Francisco Maritime Historical National Park Association.
We are working to increase public awareness about the historic Pier’s rapid deterioration. We are seeking funding sources for this critical infrastructure project located on San Francisco’s waterfront. We ultimately want to replace the treasured pier to safeguard Aquatic Park Cove along with the valued assets and public amenities located there.

Investing in San Francisco’s Waterfront

Honoring the Past.

Building for the Future.

A 1939 Work Progress Administration (WPA) fact sheet offers a glowing vision of Aquatic Park – “Here one may bathe, swim, canoe or sail…here thousands of happy youngsters find a protected playground in the waters and on the shore. Here thousands of wearied adults may sink into warm, embracing sand, content just to lie and relax, and revel in the beauties spread before them.”

The Pier’s benefits remain extensive and far-reaching, and a solution to its deteriorating state must include City, State, and other Federal Partners, not to mention the possibility of large-scale Philanthropic support.

Making this investment today will preserve the storied “water playland” for the enjoyment future generations.


San Francisco has always had a rich history of civic engagement associated with its waterfront. In fact, architectural and community planning for an Aquatic Park began as early as the late 1850’s.

The Cove was identified very early in San Franciscan’s plans as a special place to be enjoyed by citizens and visitors from around the world.

Today, the protective pier’s rapid deterioration creates an uncertain future for the whole Aquatic Park, many activities and maritime treasures.

Preserving San Francisco’s Waterfront

The Time to Act is Now.

Before It’s Too Late!

Much of the Pier is now blocked off to the public, and it’s closed during waterfront celebrations such as July 4th and Fleet Week festivities due to public safety concerns.

While permanently shutting the Pier would be devastating, failure to replace it entirely will lead to its eventual demise as a protective barrier.  Unrelenting waves will cause irreparable damage to the whole Aquatic Park – eroding the beach and making the cove dangerous for swimming. Also, the damage to the collection of historic ships would be a heartbreaking loss.

Losing the Pier’s awesome Bay views and seeing Aquatic Park fall into ruin would be an unimaginable failure undeserving of San Francisco’s tradition of civic pride.

That’s why San Franciscans and visitors from around the world are rallying to rebuild the pier now and working to ensure this popular piece of the City’s waterfront gets saved. Please support the effort to restore the valued landmark.

Looking Forward

While the Aquatic Park Pier faces and uncertain future, San Franciscan’s maintain an ongoing commitment to the tradition of investing in our City’s world-class waterfront.

Our Valued Waterfront

San Francisco’s civic identity, vibrant economy, and storied history are tied directly to its world-class waterfront. Restoring Aquatic Park Pier will help to preserve the past and protect the future.

San Francisco's waterfront is recognized around the globe for being a world-class destination. Investing and improving the local attractions will continue to enhance the City's reputation and economy.

Attractive Destinations

Millions visit San Francisco to see the waterfront and the City's destination landmarks. Enhancing the experience with first-class assets is valued by visitors and locals alike.

Iconic Landmarks

Tourism is the #2 SF industry with returns on waterfront infrastructure Investments producing thousands of jobs & hundreds of millions of dollars of annual economic activity.

Valued Assets

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